Navigating layout tabs: Feedback

Hi all, I use RHino extensively for creating my boat plans. Some files end up with quite a few layouts that each have their own tab at the bottom. Scrolling through these tabs to find the right one seems clunky at this stage in Rhino’s development so I was hoping to hear that there would be a better way in v7.

In Google Sheets, which isn’t much better, there is the ability to click on a “hamburger” icon and see the whole list of layouts, then scroll vertically to find the one. The other improvement could be to set up the tabs so that the trackpad on a PC can be used to swipe through the tabs, i.e., scroll through the tabs horizontally, which works well in Google Sheets. The mouse wheel will do this, yes, but it changes the actual layout on the screen, which is very confusing. Rather, have the scroll wheel only move through the tabs to find “the one” then with one click bring up the layout. Again, like G-Sheets works.


Have you investigated the Layouts Panel in the V7 WIP?

I did quickly but need to carve out some more time to look…my CAM package is RhinoCAM so I can’t put v7 into practice yet, I feel.