Naval Architect student for basic 3D hull modelling and calcs

Probably an ideal project for a student! The proposed hull is for a 62’ overall narrowboat for the UK canals. I have pdf photos of the original general arrangement plan that’s in my possession (top/side views) and I can provide some photos of the original craft from the 1930’s.

The first step would be to model the general form of the hull.

I then want to see how my pre-formed interior fits, with fixed critical items, like the engine in place. I would then like the 3D modeller to alter the hull according to both my specific needs and then to lower the block co-efficient without compromising the internal space that I’ve designated. After fining the bow and the stern, the centre of buoyancy would need positioned correctly. block coefficient determined etc

At all times the surfaces must be “developable” (I think that’s the term?) so the surface can be built out of steel strips without compound curves.

I have very basic knowledge of Rhino5 (Mac), models to be in the .3dm format, V5 much preferred.

Stage payments fine, no liability/responsibility for the final design but all qualified advice gratefully received.

Welcome to quote as a job or detail your stage requirements etc.

Hi there dpaws

I am interest to try you’re project, please leave you’re email
and I will send you my cv and portfolio.


Hi - Sure,

Any idea what a narrowboat looks like? Google UK canal boat or narrowboat

Some here:

I need to know your rates, I’m a “normal” family guy so money is budgeted tightly…

Cheers, Steve