Nature of Boolean Operations

Hello, I was wondering if someone could tell me what I am actually looking at for results of a Boolean ‘cut’ operations.

In the pic you can see the ‘jagged’ dark areas.(Orhtographic front view)

I started off with an object and cut with a circle( which I am assuming in this case can be equated as a nurbs curve).

I would think the resulting boolean operation would have given me, at least in appearance, that of a nurbs surface.

But it appears the resulting geometry is that of a polygon surface, hence the ‘jagged’ look. I can see the same ‘jagged’ look in perspective view as parts of the resulting geometry hide some of the objects isocurve lines.

I am wondering if this is the actual result of the boolean operation or is it just a visual matter?

Can the ‘resolution’ in either case be increased so as to get an ‘imperceptible’ result?

It’s usually just a visual artifact in the render mesh. Boolean operations on nurbs geometry results n more nurbs geometry. You can adjust the mesh settings of it bothers you

Thank you dharman, this helped me to control what I see.