Natural Rockwork

Has anyone used Rhino to create natural looking rockwork?


Do you have a sample image of what you’re trying to model? Also, is this just for a rendering or meant to be manufactured? A sample image in either case would be good. My first two thoughts are to use texture mapping if only for rendering purposes or displacement.

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Hi Jeff,

I’d second Brian’s question about the end use… Textures with bump maps will be the easiest way but if it’s to be machined or printed there are a couple of ways you could go about it. I’ve spent months at a time actually physically sculpting rock for scenic interiors, having taken silicone moulds from a quarry which were then formed in PU ( )

Or you could use other programs to generate rockwork:

If it’s actual 3D modelling then you could use exiting terrain and chop it up to make the parts you want…

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