Native revit geometry elements

Hi - I may have missed this in the geometry creation methods, however I’m sure at the user group meeting a couple of weeks back, it was demonstrated how we could instantiate native revit geometry elements rather than direct shapes so that they were editable in revit at a later point. This would be particularly useful for generating massing volumes that you could then adjust in Revit late.
Apologies if I have missed something obvious!

There are two subjects here that this involves:

  1. If the Breps are wrapped in a family then the shapes can be edited with Revit pull tools in the Family editor. This also has the advantage to be able to control the graphics properties of the objects in Revit. See this GH definition in this thread: Missing Geometry while Instantiating Families
  2. The second part of this is to create Revit native sweeps, Revit extrudes along with dimensions. Some of this may be possible, but is not implemented yet. We do plan to experiment with that in the future.

Does that answer the question you were asking?

The Geometry Gym addin for Grasshopper offers a lot more functionality in generating native revit geometry/families that you can test. This can be used inside Revit and outside Revit.

@NathanGG recently posted some video tutorials on this here

If you have questions or suggestions, we look forward to hearing them.



@scottd - Thanks - the GH definition in your link is exactly this as it’s doing what effectively Spring nodes does in Dynamo. The instantiation in the Revit DB and then placement as a separate node is a neat way to do this.

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