Names lost when inserting block

I have a block with named objects in it, embedded in a 3dm file. Occasionally when I Insert the block, the geometry appears, but the names are lost. It happens inconsistently. Any ideas of what could cause this?


Hi Mike - how do you determine if the object names of the objects inside the block are there or not?


Just by typing selname after the block is inserted. Usually, the names show up in the list. Occasionally the list is blank, even though it’s the same block.

Hi Mike - I would not expect that to show names of objects inside blocks, I don’t think - what happens when you pick one of those names- what lights up selected?


Hi Pascal, - the block is a polysurface, a named curve, and several named points. Most of the time (90%+) the names work just fine when we insert a block. When you use selname, you see the dialog box and can pick from any of the named points.

Only one of my colleagues has run into this issue with the names not coming in, but has seen it on 2 different computers.

Here’s what it looks like when it’s functioning.

Hi Mike – but if you pick one of those in the dialog, what gets selected? It seems to me you’d get this if the block were exploded and no names showing if the block is intact as a block (and no other instances of it previously exploded of course)


It selects the named objects just fine. They stay in the block, but I can still manipulate them individually if I want to. I can layer select the individual items in the block as well without exploding the block.

Hi Mike - can you please post or send me an example that works and one that does not? I have a feeling some inserts may be as groups and not blocks…



I will PM you the file.

Hi Mike - thanks, I got it - in the file you sent, the point objects are grouped with the block instance (the stone) but are not part of that block.