NamedPostition Control in Layouts

I have noticed that the NamedPositions do not work in the Layouts view. It seems that what ever the named position the view is created with will stick. I was hoping that it would act similarly to the layerstate manager where you could have a different NamedPosition for each layout. I am trying to create a function where I can move two cut planes and an attached mobile plane. The intent would be to create a Revit like experience with the namedpositions where when I changed the named position it would change my drafting plane with the Mplane and modify the clipping planes to show the relevant level information.


Hi Jeffrey - So far I don’t recall hearing of anyone trying to use Named Positions that way. My guess is this would be pretty messy to implement, but I’ll add it to the wish heap…



Thanks Pascal.

I may create on a work around script if I have time that would switch named
positions and print in between so that I can get all of the levels printed
from a building from the “top” view.