Named views tab

I usually work on files with lots of objects and lots of named views. When I’m working in the file I will constantly change my display mode for different tasks. The named views tab is great, but it’s getting tiresome to have to wait for the thumbnails to generate everytime I make a change to the scene or display mode.

Two solutions I would be happy with:

  1. The thumbnail simply becomes a snapshot of the viewport when the named view was saved. This means the display mode and visible objects don’t change if my scene changes
  2. A text-only list of named views, as an optional display mode for the named views tab. So if I don’t want to wait for thumbnails to load, I can go to list mode. (similar to windows explorer optional display modes).


When you right-click in the Named View panel, you can set View Mode to List and get your number 2 wish.

As for number 1, I recall and just tested (I normally use List mode as I never got along with those thumbnails); the thumbnail is updated, reflecting the current scene when I close the dialog and call it again. I would think (and the help files seems to state) that “Auto-update thumbnails” would activate this behavior without closing and opening but I see no difference. I notice that the thumbnails are also updated (whether or not the option is ticked) when you restore a named view.

Post hijack & v6 wish: before this named view box got in its current state, I would easily get to restore views by only using the keyboard. In the current state one has to use the mouse. I wish that this could become more accessible again.

Hi Wim, Thanks for the tip about the list view! That’s just what I was after.


I can’t repeat that “Auto-update thumbnails” doesn’t do anything. It’s working fine for me here. Does this happen if you just create a simple model, save a couple of named views and then start drawing stuff?

Perhaps I wasn’t clear - and I still wouldn’t say for sure what I should expect with that option ticked or not.
What I was trying to say is that the thumbnails always update - irrespective of the setting. What should I see?

When the box is not checked, the thumbnails should not update when you change the model.

Not even when you close and open the dialog? Or if you restore a view? Thumbnails update here…

Correct. Nothing I do has any effect. If the check-box is off, the views don’t update.

Wim - get in touch by email tomorrow (I think we’re in almost the same time zone). I’ll try to figure out with you what’s going on.

  • Andy

I have the same issue as Wim. I also posted about it here.

If unchecked, the thumbnail views won’t update immediately with a geometry move, for example, but they do update if I click over to another tab in the same panel and back to Named View.

R5.5 x64

Yup - the fact that they update if you switch tabs is actually a subtle bug which I’m about to fix.

Still don’t know exactly why some people are getting auto-updates even with the check box off though.

My issue is the same as wim and gregb. I often switch tabs away and back to named view and this is when the thbnails update.