Named views resets unwanted

(Nk) #1


We work with named views as the orientation are different than the standard views.
When we -import something, rhino will go true all the views and set them back to standard views.
The same will happen when i -insert with a button.(macro below) But will not happen when i -insert manual.


Company views:
Perspective / Aft view / SB View / Top

Standard views:
Perspective / Top / Front / Left

This problem does not happen in Rhino 5.
Can somebody help me to fix this problem?

greetz nick

(Pascal Golay) #2

Hi Nick - I guess this is with dwg and dxf files only, correct? I think that is the one plug-in that monkeys with the views.

For now, I suggest a workaround:
Make a template file if you do not have one with your views - presumably you do.
Add a macro to your process:
_-ReadViewportsFromFile "Full path to template inside double-quotes"

Not ideal but it may get you going for now.


(Nk) #3

Hi Pascal,
Thanx for the replay,
Yes this is happening with DWG files.
The work around will work for now. (if it works)
Maybe because it is almost weekend. I get a unknow command.


(Pascal Golay) #4

Hi Nick - make sure to use the dash in front of the ReadViewportsFromFile command:

-_ReadViewportsFromFile "C:\Users\pascal\Desktop\Junk.3dm"


(Nk) #5

It worked.

i forgot to put 2 “pause” in the macro.

Thanx a lot. And have a good weekend