Named view image capture issues

i set a named view which I have been using as a capture image for drawing in photoshop which was working fine to add line details and matching the with the named view and at some point I messed around in view settings and now when I send my named view capture to photoshop it no longer lines up perfectly in perspective with my original capture, so I’m wondering what setting would have caused it to not line up exactly like before. I went back to the original file with the named view before changing anything and it doesnt match so I’m thinking it was a global setting that changed something. sorry for the long post I hope it makes sense

Is there a chance you capture from your monitor set to two different screen resolutions (aspect ratios)? If so, they will not match.


hmm you know what, I did change the resolution in the -viewcapture command. I spent a good deal of time backtracking to see what I did and after loading the original file state where established the initial named view still didnt match up so it has to be a global setting, I’ll take your suggestion and see what happens, though I’m not sure what the default resolution was so I’ll try to find a way to reset that. Thanks for responding! :smiley:

Ryan - so the thing is, even if your pixel sizes match (i.e. 3000x2000 for ViewCapture setting), if you do it from monitors set to different aspect ratio resolutions (1600x1200 vs 1920x1200 or so), theresult will be different. So if you are using wide screen now, you may want to change the resolution to normal screen before capturing, or vice versa.
This is one idea why they may not match and something i was dealing with in the past.


thanks again Jarek, well I couldnt figure it out so I manually adjusted the camera length until It would match almost perfectly. to avoid any issues in the future would the lock button in the namedview tab fix this in the future? because there are too many settings outside the namedview that will affect the view so I’m looking for a command that will just lock it completely so no matter what I change globally, when I click on the named view it will always be locked exactly.