Named View creates "sub" viewport for layout instead of detail

Hoping for an explanation of what’s happening here, how to prevent it, and how to undo it it happens:

Hello- yeah, I see something is kooky with layouts - 4View and then returning to the layout seems to sort it out if 4View does not matter for the model views.


This must be new with a current release. It’s worked relatively recently. Activating/maximizing one of the viewports views seems to sort it out also. I’m not sure that the detail view is actually being reset though.

Hi @djhg,

I am unable to repeat what you are reporting here. Do you have a model that you can share that exhibits this behavior? Also, can you run SystemInfo and post the results here?


– Dale

This project gets used only for the occasional print at this time, but if it happens again I’ll upload it. Do you want a copy of an iteration of the (very large) project from around the date of the first post? I doubt that there’s one that displays the behaviour without who-knows-how-much fiddling around (more than I currently can spend time on).