Named View Animation and Easing?


I’ve been working on an animation with camera animation created from Named Views. I’m running into an issue that I haven’t been able to solve – the camera abruptly stops at the last named view in the animation. Instead, I’d like the motion to slightly slow down as it reaches the end of the motion – what I need is control over the easing. However, with named views, when I open the Bongo Keyframe Editor, and click on my last named view, the only option I get under “Transfroms” is “Named View”. Under the Named View there is only the setting of Parameter Weighting. When not using named views in an animation, there are far more controls under the Keyframe editor for the movement. Any way to get these controls for Named Views?


There is unfortunately no tweening because a Named View is a series of parameters.
We were at some point talking about a Bake -button that would turn Named Views parameters into normal View values and then you’d be able to tween those, but we never got around to do it. -> I’ll put this on the list for Bongo 3.

One workaround for you:
Enable a view for animation. Press the animate button and then restore that view to the NamedView. It will create view keyframes with the values you need. Then you can tween whatever setting you need for that keyframe.

Hi Marika,

Your work around is perfect, thank you! It’s a great help.

And thanks for adding the Bake Named Views feature to the wish list for Bongo 3, it will be a nice feature. Having the easing control to slow down a view before stopping on it gives an animation that nice polished professional look.