Named positions when moving geometry between mixed units files

We have one modeler working in feet, another working in inches. The feet guy built some geometry and saved some positions with it. When the inch guy imported it into his inch file, there was some unexpected behavior with named positions.

In V5, the object scaled as expected (1 foot unit because 12 inch units), but the translations did not scale, so instead of moving 1’ as it did in the foot file, the object was now moving 1" in the inch file. In V6, the object also scaled as expected when pasted in, but when a named position was double clicked, the object scaled back down to 1 unit (so now 1"). It also moved by the original unit amount (1" instead of 1’)

Is it possible that named positions could be unit aware?


Hi Sam- thanks, yeah, I see there is some ugliness here. I’ll make a bug report.