Named Positions Break on Explode


I’ve found that named positions of objects can be broken when an object is exploded. I realise it’s a bit much to ask each broken part to retain the position they had prior to exploding, but it would be handy :smile:

sample scene…

while in position 3, i exploded the cube.

notice how when i switch back to position 1, only 1 face of the exploded cube moves. same with position 2.

would be better for all faces of the cube to retain their positions as pre-explode.


Hi Matthew- It’s hard for me to see how this could work in the current scheme of things - Positions would have, somehow, to become an object property like color or layer that survives Explode and is transferred to the resulting new objects, and intact, furthermore, to any other named positions already stored for the original object… my guess is this is unlikely to ever make it to the top of anyone’s list, to be honest.


I see.

Ok that’s fine, thanks for the reply.

It was asking a bit much I guess.

Hmm- It is interesting that one of the resulting surfaces is retained by NamedPositions. I guess that means it is not using the top level object UUID to keep track, which was kind of what I was thinking it might., Still, I expect NP needs a one-to-one correspondence to keep track, and that it is still probably impractical to do the book keeping needed to get multiple resulting objects and their transforms correct.