Name for Light Panel Feature: Solo

The Solo column allows to isolate one or more light sources without the user having to change the visibility of a light directly. By clicking Solo will hide all lights except the soloed light will be shown (even if the light was hidden before). By clicking “solo” on another light, the other light will be soloed. Multiple lights can be put into solo mode. After the last light has been unsoloed, the visibility of all lights as before soloing is restored.

The question is that is the “Solo” name correct or is there a better name for this feature.

I suggest “Isolate”.

I agree. Isolate is better.

Maybe Isolate isn’t even on the mark. As I understand your explanation, the user will have a “normal” set of lights turned on. Then with a click he/she can “Isolate” a “Solo” light. So far, so good. If that was it either term would be fine. But then things get complicated. The user can click on another light, which will be added to the “Solo” light, creating an alternate set of lights in a “Duet”, neither of which is any longer “Isolated”. Go ahead and click another: “Trio”, and still not “Isolated”. I think you get the idea.

So by the time you’ve clicked two lights what you have is a SET of lights, different from the “normal” set. What to call it? Test? Preview? ???

Anyone in the theatrical lighting trade care to offer advice?

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