Name Field in Properties loses focus to Aliases Bug

So like most folks I have a number of (mostly single character) Aliase for stuff I use constantly (m for move, o for offset, c for copy, etc). I have others (typically two characters) for block manager (which now that it has it’s own “panel” in R8 isn’t quite as needed), rects, 3 point rects, center rects, lines, both sides lines, etc to save having to interact with the command options. This saves a ton of cursor moving, and clicking and whatnot.

At some V8 recent build, the properties “Name” field (and there may be others, just haven’t ran into em yet) loses focus to the command prompt the second you type in any single character Alias. For example:

Here I have a selected curve I’m going to give a name. This outline is incorrect as it won’t clear a tolerance so, while I’m going to keep it for the reference points for the revision I want to rname it so I’ll know which is the old version and which is the corrected one when I come back to this in the future.

So with it selected I’m gong to rename it:

I type I then N and this happens:

Focus vanishes, leaving just my “I”:

and commad prompt populates with:

This happens for ANY first letter of ANY alias I have (no just single letter aliases).

And because there’s so many of them I can’t really give any property a name with meticulously (letter by letter) watching for the focus to shift to command and then re-clicking the name field to get focus back to the name field.

And because I keep forgetting this is happening (old habits dying very hard) if I’m not paying very close attention disastrous thlngs occur if I happen to trigger an alias that doesn’t require further input (delete being one).

I run a 32" 4K display. My focus is usually on the viewport and after years of doing stuff a given way that has always worked in the past, bugs like this are crippling, because so much of my workflow is muscle memory. Stuff just works (or used to) so it’s not a conscious thought process to pay attention to the actual data entry field areas.

And because the nature of what I do 3D cad wise generally involves revising a part weeks or months later either to revise it, or use it was some interface to another part, I tend to tend to group stuff under layers with sublayers to I can keep all the “construction” related stuff together with that part in case I need to revise it or steal portions of it for something else down the line. And because it may be weeks to months later before I see it again I leave myself breadcrumbs knowing the stuff I’ll tend to forget and would otherwise have to re-engineer later, and a huge part of that is giving stuff self documenting names.

This is isn’t the first time this thing has come up, as I recall back in R6 or 7 a similar issue with the properties name surfaced and after I posted on it and a bunch of other folks chimed in on it it became an official bug and eventually got fixed.

FWIW, form my perspective? If in ANY data entry field no keystroke should EVER steal focus from that field until you either hit tab or return or whatever would be the normally expected “end” event for doing data entry IN that field. Layer name, numerical data entry box, whatever, if it’s a field and if it has focus and you are typing in it, that’s holy ground and should not be take away from for any reason outside of top level executive stuff like a Keyboard issued command Save / Quit / Close.

Related fucnitonalty stuff to data entry fields (like command - I for italic command B for bold) in text entry fields that are OS level or otherwise common practice (i.e. OS native cursor movement and selection standards) are fine, but jumping to do other app specific stuff should not happen.

Aliases are extremely useful and point and click reducing timesavers, but they should only get handled as aliases when it makes sense to do so (i.e. focus in a viewport).

Hopefully this is just a minor thing that popped up as a result of some other update, as it wasn’t present until one of the recent updates to R8.