Naked Edges

I am attempting to do a Boolean difference on my canoe model to attempt to get a female form for the canoe, but there is an error that happens because I have a naked edge on the bow and stern. Is there anyway to repair this problem without starting over?

Hello - probably fixable, yes, but we’ll need the file…


I have attached my canoe model below. I am very new to using Rhino

Final Canoe.3dm (267.2 KB)


The model has .0026 gaps on each end.
But no wire-frame is left to identify how the surface was built.

Is there anyway to close this gap? It would be okay if it was just a flat surface between the gap


Then touch both open edges on one end.

Repeat for other end.

Join it all.

It will be watertight. The quality will be so-so, but it should boolean after joining.

Ok, I just tried this method, and it does make a watertight model, but the patch surfaces are terrible.

Well, I take it back - it is probably better to start over - the way you’ve constructed the surface here is a little peculiar - you can do that, at the bow, but it can lead to problems, so you need to be extra careful about how the points line up - here it is not working so well:


I’d think about making this in halves for one thing -

You’ll want to avoid stacking control points on top of one another except in special cases.

This may work a little better for now,

Final Canoe_maybe.3dm (78.1 KB)

but I’d take a look at

and a good deal more about surfacing if you what to get this right.

BUT, I like that you’ve gone out of your way to keep the surfaces super-simple; keep that impulse, smoothness will ensue…


Might need to trim off each end and use a 4-edge surface.

Hi, I also have a problem, we need to make a mesh to 3d print our figure, rhino says it is a good mesh but we have naked edges, can someone help to solve this?

Hi Hannah - as above, there is not a lot we can do to help without the file. Please post it here, or send to and someone will have a look.