Naked edges resulting from simple fillet

I’m attempting to add a simple 1mm fillet to a relatively basic geometry, but I’m frequently met by inexplicable naked edges and/or vertices after I apply the fillet. I’ve rebuilt the surrounding geometry in a number of different ways to see if that was the issue, to no avail. Are there any nuances to filleting which I’m missing here, which may be causing this to fail? Thanks.

ANCHOR Issue.3dm (13.2 MB)

Do you have the file in a state PRIOR to the fillet?

Sure, here it is. Doesn’t look like there are any unexpected naked edges in this state.
FWIW, the problematic edge in question will occasionally only highlight the vertices (and not the entire edge) as naked.
ANCHOR Issue - Pre Fillet.3dm (13.1 MB)

Hello - I went back as best I could to the starting state and in V6 this comes out right - the surfaces are correctly extended and no nakeds.

I see on your second file that V6 does leave a point-naked edge that is handled by RemoveAllNakedMicroEdges


RemoveAllNakedMicroEdges seems to have fixed it (I’m using V6.4)! Never had to use that one before, but I’ll keep that one in the toolbox going forward. Greatly appreciate your help on this.