Naked edges dots

I get these little dots when i use the show naked edges. they are too small for me to zoom in on to see what it is trying to show me. is there anyway to auto fix these?

The dots are just showing you the “joints” between each separate edge segment, you can’t “fix” them, they’re just part of the naked edge display. What are you wanting to do? --Mitch

i wanting to offset this whole surface but when I do I’m getting surfaces dropped and others that turn into a Spirograph drawing. I thought that those corners might be the problem.

Well, your original object is a patchwork of a lot of individual surfaces, I wouldn’t hold much chance of success for offsetting them as a unit, even if everything was perfect (which it isn’t). Rhino just doesn’t offset this kind of complexity well. There are also a lot of internal naked edges - any of the magenta dots and lines that you see inside the outer border - those give you an indication that your individual surface edges do not match well enough to join cleanly and will likely cause a lot of grief.


Grant - it looks like your surface has a number of fillets. You might try offsetting an filleted version, and then filleting the offset surface.

I have had zero luck filleting anything but a straight curve so that’s not really an option for me.

this is one of the surfaces i was able to offset.

and here is what the offset looks like. I need some way to make it not look like this.

Hi Grant - please post the file or send to if it is not ok to be public.