Naked edges despite a successful join one at a time approach

I have offered up touching surfaces and trimmed overlaps, to end up with surfaces that I then joined one at a time, successfully. no warnings, all joined and became one colour.

The intent being to form a solid.

I zoom naked edges and it shows me 32 !!!

I have healed 4 and I am left with 28, yet my meticulous trimming and joining saw all go well.

Is there an easy fix to these or is it a case of dealing with each one ?

I then have to boolean the blue to this, (Move it such that B goes to C) as there is a lip at ‘A’ that using the join surfaces method, trim away blue using purple, end up with ‘A’, a thin sliver, but one cannot have a surface sticking up above another and join them.

Am I right, boolean union the only way to make one solid from the two of blue and purple ?
Naked Edges 28.3dm (4.2 MB)



select all, then join-

then run the cap command.

closed up everything here.

Wow !!!




the showedges command with naked edges highlighted will show you where the problems are.

fwiw here is a video on making watertight files-

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