Naked Edge after FilletEdge

Hey, how can I repair this? I used BlendSrf for the upper one and it did work, but it has alot of lines on it, is that Ok?

Is there any general way, or did I already made the mistake while filleting?

Hello - most likely the original curves did not meet perfectly (tangent). Feel free to post the file you have, including the curves.


Hammer_done.3dm (1.8 MB)

Now, with a Filletradius of 1mm it works… would still be great to know the solution or cause for the problem!

As Pascal assumed, your curves aren’t tangent.

Ok, what does that mean and how can O solve this? Where can I see if they are tangent?

You need to create the base curve more carefully.

I would start with two circles at the ends of the hammer head. Look at my curve and where I put the ends / seams of the circles. Then use the arc command to draw the 80 mm arc and the 50 mm arc in between using the Arc: tangent, tangent, radius command. Once I had the to arcs in between, I used the trim command to get rid of the circle segments which aren’t needed.


Attached is a file with a cleaned curve, consisting of four segments instead of your curve with six segments.

Furthermore if you explode the curve you can use the Geometric Continuity command to see whether two segments are tangent.

Hammer_curve_4_segments_tangent.3dm (1.1 MB)

I think this is because I used CurveBoolean, as @Rhino_Bulgaria mentioned in another post. Is there anyway to check if a curve is not tangent?

Ah great! Thanks alot for the explanation!