Mysterious edits by Wim?

I’ve noticed that quite often I get notifications showing that @wim has edited my posts. When I have a look, I can never figure out what or why these posts have been edited.

Would someone mind explaining what is happening?

That’d be @wim pressing the Handled button we see. It is an unfortunate side-effect, but one you can ignore.

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Thanks. Appreciate the quick response :+1:

No problem :slight_smile:

This issue should be fixed now…
Could you explain a bit more what type of notification you get?

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Just badges on my profile icon. See the screen shot in my original post.

So, no “notification balloons” on your profile icon? -Like this:
If not, what makes you look under that profile icon? Just curious…


I call them badges but yes the balloons appear.


Guys, those are called the Mickey Mouse ears. Please comply to the right terminology.