My VisualARQ for rhino6 always breakdown in windows10

Hi, I’d like to ask about why my arq for rhino6 always breakdown inwindows10, could you please help me?

Hi @q1146805083,

Can you be more specific? Does it crash when doing any particular operation or command?
Are you sending the crash reports to McNeel? Did you include your email/name in the reports?



Hi, I find that when I do something about curtain wall, it doesn’t work well. I didnt send that to mcneel, and by the way, I am Chinese and using arq which language is Chinese, but I found the curtain wall is the only tool who’s language is not Chinese.

What’s more, when I run it in compatibility mode of windows7, it can work but slow and caton, in windows10 it is faster but more problem.

Hi @q1146805083 can you send the model to We will check it out and try to figure out why is performing so slow. Some curtain walls that are big in the model and have a small cell size in their style settings might perform slow in the model, specially if they are created from NURBS curves.
On the other hand I can see the tooltip on the curtain wall icon has not been translated into Chinese. If you find other cases like that, please let us know.

@fsalla Ok, I will send it after about 2hours, thank you for your help