My Vector Display EX doesnt work

Hey, I am trying to visuliase my vectors in grasshopper so i chose to use the vector display ex but it seems that something went wrong and it doesnt work.
Dont know why.
Any help?

Looks like you’re in rendered mode. In which case, they probably don’t show up by design, similar to curves:

One can cluster the drawing components to get around this limitation. And welcome :slight_smile:

Edit: Nevermind, I see this behaviour does not affect Vector Display Ex. Must be something else (maybe check the W input is larger than zero). If you can share a Grasshopper file, your Rhino system/version (use the SystemInfo command) and the offending display mode assuming it’s custom, that’d help troubleshoot further. (41.6 KB)

system_info.txt (2.6 KB)

here are the system info and the grasshopper file.
can u look at this?
Thank u!

Your system looks fine. I can’t process the file as it’s using third party plugins (you might want to post on the Ladybug forum as well, if it might be the culprit). Try to internalise these two parameters and upload the file again: