My UI is blank

I opened a file in 7, which is the version it was built in and my custom UI with all the command tiles is gone. Blank.

The user interface stays with the Rhino installation. It is not stored as part of your model file.

I don’t understand how it disappeared

If I had saved one of the incremental versions of it as V6 to import it into Keyshot, would that have affected V7?

My guess is Windows botched a Rhino service release install so the names and arrangement of your toolbars in V7 were lost.
It sounds like you customized your toolbar arrangement.
Hopefully you saved them under a unique name.
If so, you can run the Toolbar command and reopen your saved toolbar collection file to get them back showing again.

It’s the strangest thing. When I found toolbars in options, my custom save name was there but when I selected it no tools appeared to select or deselect. I looked at the source in my hard drive but when I plugged that into the file search, it opened V5 with multiple toolbar collections. I closed Rhino, opened it again a couple times trying to open different saves. I opened it again launching a file from 2020. Again, no tools on the screen. somewhere in all that I was asked to sign in to Rhino. I don’t remember the sequence of events. anyway after opening the old file from 2020, I closed Rhino and opened it (7) again trying to open the current project and my tools seem to be back. But my custom toolbar collection is now missing in Options. all I see now there is Default and a list of tools. It’s been so long since I’ve had to save a toolbar collection. I’m not sure what to select under File, Edit, Tools to save what I have now and then import it into V8.

hi @Paul_Bundarin can you send me your custom rui file to inspect?
Furthermore, pls run _SystemInfo in Rhino and post back the results,

Thanks for the reply.
My UI has reappeared now with my last attempt opening the file I needed. My UI seems to be back. Once I’m confident that I’ve saved it again I’ll run the command you’ve suggested.