My Sub-D wish and bugs

Hi guys,
I started using Sub-D in a real project and this are my result in terms of wish and bug:
(Rhino 7.0.20077.15225, 17/03/2020)


    1. Sub-D in sharp mode doesn’t take Point/vertex Osnap while appending face
    1. Append Face flips the appended face direction
    1. Esc after stich preselecting edgeloops can crash rhino ( log sent)
    1. Bridge doesn’t work if there’s a perpendicular Edge (if I want to bridge 2 sides of a rectangle)
    1. Overlap a point on top to another should merge the edge and that point (like when you overlap points and a singularity is created)


  • Unstitch and Add point on Edge is missing
  • T_Splines T point like are missing. This creates very uneven isocrvs
  • Would be good to have smtg like T_Spliens Strainghten Cvs
  • I would like to have a per Obj Smooth/sharp toggle (it was likethat!!)
  • Would be good if IsoCrv on and off would works on Sub-D also. This would let to see only the creased edges
  • -Selection filter doesn’t has subD face- Founded
  • Can’t split a subD face by points or Adding an edge as line
  • Bridge doesn’t has preview with count higher than 1
  • BoxEdit does’t work on multiple edges (this would be helpful to speed up the detailed modeling)

Hope to have been useful!
still a great work.

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lots of work on subd since this list, are you still seeing these issues?

add point has been added, unstitch is pending here:

tjoints are patented, and we will not ever have them, however we support Ngons and you can end an edge anywhere you want.

hit the tab key

you can do that is your display tab

it does for face, what is face founded?

Command: _InsertPoint

fixed in Work In Progress
(7.0.20135.13185, 5/14/2020)

can you give an example of why you’d want this?

Thanks much for you feedback!

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thanks @theoutside,
I know my list got obsolete very fast.
I’m happy you all are working on subd so much and thanks for the answer.
I haven’t time now to take a try to all the functions but soon I will have a Subd project to finish so I will check.