My Sub-D wish and bugs

Hi guys,
I started using Sub-D in a real project and this are my result in terms of wish and bug:
(Rhino 7.0.20077.15225, 17/03/2020)


    1. Sub-D in sharp mode doesn’t take Point/vertex Osnap while appending face
    1. Append Face flips the appended face direction
    1. Esc after stich preselecting edgeloops can crash rhino ( log sent)
    1. Bridge doesn’t work if there’s a perpendicular Edge (if I want to bridge 2 sides of a rectangle)
    1. Overlap a point on top to another should merge the edge and that point (like when you overlap points and a singularity is created)


  • Unstitch and Add point on Edge is missing
  • T_Splines T point like are missing. This creates very uneven isocrvs
  • Would be good to have smtg like T_Spliens Strainghten Cvs
  • I would like to have a per Obj Smooth/sharp toggle (it was likethat!!)
  • Would be good if IsoCrv on and off would works on Sub-D also. This would let to see only the creased edges
  • -Selection filter doesn’t has subD face- Founded
  • Can’t split a subD face by points or Adding an edge as line
  • Bridge doesn’t has preview with count higher than 1
  • BoxEdit does’t work on multiple edges (this would be helpful to speed up the detailed modeling)

Hope to have been useful!
still a great work.

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