My new RTX 2060 Super stopped working

hi Guys,
so I have had a brand new RTX running now for 3 months, no issues from start, also with a new PSU. All good for 3 months…

Yesterday I was running Rhino & Lumion, went to start Lumion and i could hear the fans as nowmal… PC went into lock, alt ctrl delete no good so had to turn PC off…

after thsi the card has stopped working. removed and used onboard HD 4600 card and PC is fine… I guess it is still under warrently? purchased new direct from Nvidia…

is there a way to have both cards in PC but have the HD 4600 as master so i can maybe run some diagnostics on the faulty RTX card?

thanks as always

If the card is toast then just return it IMO. And I presume you have double checked that it is the card (test it in another machine, test a different output from the card etc).
GeForces are tough so no real reason to run them as secondary cards to spare them of wear and tear IMO. But @nathanletwory has experience in running multiple cards so maybe he has some insight for you on that :slight_smile:

thanks Holo, i have tested different cables and still no joy, cant test in another machine as only have one… The card i am using now is just an onboard card HD 4600… really fustrating as i really need this card at the moment…

Well if it’s died it’s died, though that’s really really rare. Like “stopped working” how? Does Windows not see it anymore?

Well then, just put on a mask and run out and grab a new one and keep on working! You will save more money on that than to try to fix the one you have as long as you use it professionally. And then send in the other one and and sell the replacement when you get it, or put it in as a dual card system, or just store it for backup (but that is a waste of space and money though)

Good luck!

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No input found on screen… pc is fine… as I said… nothing being sent to screen from card… tried dvi cable and still no joy… hdmi cable is fine as this works ok with onboard card

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If the card otherwise is still seen by the operating system, doesn’t freeze your machine you could still probably use it as the render device - at least for Raytraced. I don’t know Lumion, but if it has the ability to choose what device to render on if it has GPU capabilities you can still keep the card in your machine. Just don’t attach a display device to it…

It just means that displaying your models and anything else goes through the onboard card, but rendering of Raytraced/Lumion is done on the RTX still.

if i insert the broken card then this is the main card so I cannot then do anything as screen is blank… not sure if I can have the card inserted but use the onboard card to run some sort of diagnostics on the RTX card… prob not… I have logged issue with Nvidia, I hope they will take it, look at it and fix it… thanks

You probably need to go into the BIOS settings and ensure your onboard video remains the only display driver.

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Hi @rfollett,

I see that you are in the UK. Just contact the retailer stating that it has failed within three months of purchase, after initially working, and demand a replacement, as you are entitled under the Sale of Goods Act. At this age, it is the retailer’s responsibility, rather than the manufacturer’s.


hi Jeremy, yes in UK, bought direct from Nvidia online. I am in touch with them. thank you