My mouse pad retired…

(Marc Gibeault) #21

Thanks for all those years of level-headed contributions, you help make this place what it is.
See you in Lausanne someday!



Hi Mitch,

Nice to read that you can focus on other things than your daily job. It is time for a reseller meeting don’t you think?
I am glad that Pascal has a brand new mouse mat for you. Over here I have a few mats for the training laptops that are in pretty good shape and I was thinking sending you one, but if one deserves a brand new one, it’s you!
Enjoy your 2019 life and let’s speak soon again.


(Pascal Golay) #23




Yay! That’s a new one in mint condition. The gold bars are a good companion :slight_smile:


(Pascal Golay) #25

That cup was given to me by Mitch himself.




Congratulations Mitch,
I’m wondering if your mouse pad took all the damage on itself like a painting of Dorian Gray and if that’s the case I would also love one patented anti aging mouse pad for myself.

Nevertheless thank you for being part of this charming community!


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Hi all,

First off, thank you all for the very kind messages! This place has been my “social network” (as well as my professional one) for over 20 years (counting the newsgroup) and is still my favorite place to be in cyberspace! I hope to continue to be a part of this community for a long time to come.

@Gerard, @pascal - I actually do have a couple of other mouse pads that are in relatively good condition, thanks! I had a whole stack of them that I removed from the Rhino V3 boxes when V4 came out, but unfortunately, those went up in smoke with the house in 2014. However, I had a couple in my laptop case which were spared.

And that cup was given to me by Pascal himself…
No gold bars here though, only chocolate… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Actually, I’m kinda still stuck in front of mine for the moment, I’m on the hook for creating this CAD course for the apprentices here, meeting with the fed gov representative Tuesday, and I’m behind already… :cold_sweat:


Definitely! I also still need to make it to Montréal/Quebec one of these days, haven’t been since I was about 6 or so…

I just sent that in a mail to Bob yesterday… Yes!

Cheers, to all! --Mitch


(Willem Derks) #28

Hi Mitch,

Thank you!
Thank you!
Thank you!

Thanks you for your involvement, your endless stream of provided input and help for the community.

You have been a great inspiration to me personally.
Your (and David’s) rhinoscripts back in the NG days inspired and guided me into the world of scripting and programming. It has brought me great joy and made it possible to earn a living with the ecosystem that RMA created.

An ecosystem that has also been shaped by your input over the years with your (almost) daily presence and contributions, be it bug reporting, feature requests or making newcomers feel welcome.

The growth after the migration to Discourse and later the merger of the GH community made the intimate feeling of the NG disappear. We no longer share personal stories like children born or misfortune.
Yet all for the better of the community with (I think) you still remaining up in the top 25 contributors.

I’m glad you will stick around, be it down in to top 100 chart :wink:

Enjoy you new opportunities and activities!

Thanks :pray:




Hi @Helvetosaur,

all the best for your retirement, sounds very interesting. :wink:

I still have a new Rhino mousepad in stock, with a big Rhino and sorry, one flexiCAD advertising.

If you need one, tell me.



P.S.: When you are in Munich, visit us.

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many, many, many thanks !



Very cool @Helvetosaur. Enjoy the semi-retired lifestyle :sunglasses:



Hi Mitch,

Many thanks for your support!

Good helth and happy retiremental years!



(Clencytom002) #33

Hey that looks so cool even though its expired almost, i can see a vintage art there…hehe


(Andreas Walther) #34

just read this, thank you very much for all your knowledgeable support, it is really appreciated!