My model have 2.5G,my gtx660 is slow,what What do I need a graphics card

I have a model 2.5G,Drag the view is very slow。my graphics card is gtx660,I want to know what graphics card can Smooth。AMD V5900 or W5100? or others?(QUADRO is bit expensive)

gtx 980 would work, The whole quadro thing is a little bit hype marketing thing IMO, unless you buy top model with 12gb of Vram you won;t benefit from it. In the price of gtx 980 there is absolutely no match in quadro.
Keep in mind that at some point a gfx card can’t do anything since rhino may hit its limits.

Also wireframe view is the fastest, and you can always try to hide not important parts of your model.
You can make you mesh less dense also.

Well, in my case a 980ti here didn’t make a whole lot of difference over an older Quadro 4000. (using Holomark). The bottleneck is also the speed of your CPU and how data flows through the system.

That may not necessarily be true if you have a lot of wires/curves, rendered view without showing curves/edges may be quite a bit faster in those cases. Rhino has a problem displaying lots of curves.


my model have 15700 Multiple curve,1400 curve,3400 extrude article。no wires。

Yeah, I don’t really think there are a lot of possible miracles here with a 2.5 gig file and 20K+ objects… The question would be how organize all that stuff so you don’t need to see all of it at once… --Mitch

Look at the Holomark thread and you will see, a good GTX card and a fast CPU is good, but don’t expect a big improvement by hardware, because Rhino is the bottle neck. All the power of the best GPU/CPU aren’t really used. It’s like driving a race car on an old country road. So, if your scene is slow, than you can’t do so much. Only hope for v6.

Thank you,I think so