My model appears dark

Hello, i don’t know why my model appears dark and before it appeared fine. If I move the camera it becomes clear but at the beginning it goes like this.

What can be the error?
The view from the front is always like this.

Hi Jose,
Any screenshot of the good lighting for better understanding ?
Initial front view is darker and when you move with the mouse, it becomes lighter ?!
glTF 2.0 ShapeDiver Display or Legacy ShapeDiver Display ?

Hi @pierreyves.jacques
glTF 2.0 ShapeDiver Display.

Try to edit you scene from ShapeDiver plateform and re-save default camera view angle (when using SAVE button) :wink:

It’s super weird, I put on a small TV and it looks good, but I put on a big one and it looks dark.

I am not aware of this bug and can not reproduce it on my side, so I would need a link to a model and/or a code example where I can reproduce it.