My house design

建筑-住宅 (11)


You could turn this into a Gallery post.

oh, thank you for your suggestion. I will modify it.


on some points the textures looks a bit strange - - is this a kind of an AI Rendering?

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I would be interested to know the renderer too.

On the first white house, the right side of the image has strange wavyness in the upper cantilever at the window, like it is bulged; and lower floor, where the perspective is flatter, and at the rear of the house.

Is this built on a hill? I also wondered what motivated the curved driveway in the sketch. :slight_smile:

Looks nice.

Right, it is a plugin.

which one? it’s a cool look!

An AI plugin for Rhino3D? Tell us more…

I also discovered that there are some problems with the details.

Yes, it’s a ramp

I found an AI plug-in on food4rhino called AIR for Rhinoceros. You can try it

The plug-in I found on food4rhino is called AIR for Rhinoceros.

Yes, u can find on food4rhino. It‘s called air for rhino:)

Thanks kimoji for the info. I searched AIR and found a renderer at the Si-Tex site and it seems that AIR is quite old and only ran through Rhino 4 and 5. Then I found AIR for Rhino on Food 4 Rhino which is totally different and will have a look at it. Are you using the demo?

It requires an annual subscription

It looks impressive. I am very glad to have such a plugin for Rhino. Could we try it out before buying please?

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I didn’t find a way to try it, but they recently launched a quarterly membership, which I think is okay.

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