My first grasshopper project

So when the quarantine started, I took some time to sit down and start learning grasshopper since I didn’t get to pick it up in college while learning Rhino. After a few Youtube videos I decided to make a flat band to get started. Feel free to give feedback and advice and ya’ll will see some more posts in the future of my progress. Thank you!

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It would be nice to provide with your pictures the rhino file and the grasshopper file so people can help you better. You might want to check this out How to ask effective questions.

In terms of your defention. It seems to be straight forward however it looks like you are baking the points and the creating an arc and sending it back to grasshopper, while this does work it would take out the possibility to adapt your design in the future.

I have just made a simple defention for you where you can see that you can use a plane to create that arc.

I have included some other components to make you see the benefits of data managment something that you probably want to focus on when you start learning grasshopper.

Good luck and welcome to the forums,

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Thank you!