My First Boat


The sky is the limit now!—-Mark


An interesting work

it can be manufactured as a toy

But I see some gaps between its parts and this shows it is not cooked enough yet for a prototype. Also, every part needs some appropriate small clips and holes to latch to another.

Good luck :slight_smile:

well done! thanks for sharing this! As others pointed out, closing up your gaps between parts is a good next goal, then some fidelity checks to insure the parts are watertight is next, then some connectors, like screw bosses or snap fits would be a good next goal, then ultimately print one and marvel at your progress!

Mr. Houchens, Thank you very much, for your words of support and advice, I am new in Rhino and I dared to go very far with this project, I hope to learn a lot and manage the tolerances and snap fits.
My goal is to print one.
Do you have any video to explain how to insure the parts, tolerances, and snap fits?
I really appreciate your help.
best regard

not currently that specifically addresses snap fits.

overbuilding parts and trimming or boolean subtracting parts from one another is always a good way to get good fits.