MY fillet is going crazy it worked with some parts of screwdriver and behaves weird in the upper part

screwdriver.3dm (1.3 MB)

Hello - please post the file or send to, and please include a link back to this topic in your comments.

I see it…


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It’s my first topic sorry
and I edited the post with file

Hello - the file is in meters… probably a mistake, but in addition the tolerance is .01 units - that is a bit loose when you are filleting at .03 units - generally try to model at a tolerance 10X or more smaller than the smallest feature in the design. .001 would be better here.

see -

That said, the problem likely arises here:

None of the edge curves are tangent there - some are close, others not. In addition, the curves (and the surfaces you make from them, have stacked control points -

that is the real problem here - If you clean that up and makethe curves all cleanly tangent, a new revolve should work better. (Change the tolerance before you start modeling)