My code is not working. Origami Kangaroo

I have two algorithms:

  1. The first shows the Ronald Resh origami tessellation adapting to the curved surface of the rectangular perimeter. In this algorithm, origami deforms and reaches the surface. It worked well.

  2. The second aims to make the same Ronaldo Resh’s origami tesselation adapt to cloud points that forms a hexagonal perimeter surface. This point cloud was created from the 3D digitalization through a real deformation of physical prototype with this tessellation. The second has a greater number of points to reach, however it is not working.

Both were built following the same logic.

I would like to know why the second is not working well. Please give me suggestions.ALGORITHM 22_09_2020 FOR (100.6 KB) ALGORITHM 22_09_2020 FOR (125.5 KB)

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