My c# plugin is failing quietly...?

I’ve got a c# Rhino plugin that I use. I am running it via the VS 10 in debug mode so I can step through the code. Up til just recently, if I’ve got an error with the code, it fails on that line and I get a Visual Studio message telling me what the problem is. It’s now started failing silently - so I am stepping through the code but when I hit a problem, the Rhino command just stops running.

Have I suppressed something in Rhino or is it at the Visual Studio end… anyone know what I can do to undo it!?

Try to see if in the debug > exceptions menu the exceptions are handled correctly.

Thank you - yes - I’d just come to the same conclusion. It the “common language runtime exceptions” that seem to have been mysteriously turned off. Sorted now - Thanks for your assistance!