My Biggest beef about Rhino 6 is the reliance on a web connection

@Helvetosaur Ditto that. The absence of a dongle was a big plus for me with Rhino. When I first started cad for jewellery I was considering going with 3design as I have dealt with the software developers with their engraving software.

After 10 years the plastic on my dongle for my gravograph engraver started to crack. That engraver will not run on 3rd party software. Gravotech wanted $350 from me to replace it and I had to send the old one back in before they would issue the new one.

I believe Matrix that runs on Rhino requires a Dongle but I may be wrong.

@hughw it seems like you are convinced about what you want to do, but I will reiterate that you don’t need an internet connection to “switch” licenses – it all happens transparently for you. You just have to connect to the internet about once every two weeks on every computer you use Rhino on.

As has been mentioned previously, I think his main issue is that the laptop only gets used intermittently, not always every 15 days - and it’s easy to run out with a laptop under your arm and forget to connect to the internet to get your license back… It also represents a habit change from V5 where you did not have to worry about that at all.


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Its the internet - lack of - that presents the problem!

That would be my point of concern with the current system. You might even think you’re good, because you were online the day before. But the connection was flaky or the license didn’t update because you were within the 15 day period.

You fire up your system at the customer and end up with nothing.

Except for actively downloading a license you will always have to worry. Which is the exact opposite of a simple and comfortable system.

I understand the logic and concerns of McNeel. But the a good licensing system is where you will never actually have to worry about the licensing. Any situation that might set you up with a non working software while you have paid for a valid license is a reason to not by the software.

One simple solution might be a one-shot grace period:
If you are outside the 15 day window and have no internet connection, Rhino could give you a continuous amount of like 10 hours until you would need to refresh the license. So you would have a whole working day to find a connection. You wouldn’t have to worry about status of the license.

@John_Brock …and while this one shot period is a nice thing for people who just grab their gear and run out of the office without checking out a license, it would also alleviate any reasonable Cloud Zoo server downtime. Because if the server is down at the moment, you can retry a few minutes later and just keep working.

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@John_Brock I want to change Cloud Zoo license to Single-Computer license, but I do not know how to do it. McNeel documentation:
says: To Remove a Personal Cloud Zoo license
1. Go to the Rhino Web site Licenses page
2. Click your name in the Personal licenses section
3. Click the license name
4. Click Remove
Your license is available to be used somewhere else.

What do I do next? How do I change Bongo, Flamingo, and Penguin licenses from Cloud Zoo license to Single-Computer license?

The Rhino 6 licensing info is a mess. The info is scattered over 4 files and incomplete:

I actually just suggested this directly to McNeel this morning…

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If your license is 10% or more used up, and you have an Internet connection, the license is refreshed silently and automatically.
Rhino only nags if you’re within a couple days of your lease expiring.

You can always check your "Offline access until {date time} in Options > LIcenses.

Would including your “offline access until…” be a useful thing to have in the scrolling Status Bar display?

With a period of 15 days that amounts to one and a half day? If your license was valid on Friday, you might end up with a problem, because you missed the silent refresh.

I could have been working two weeks with constant online access and still end up totally offline, if I get a call on Monday morning and leave for a customer in a haste. There shouldn’t be any reason to check your “offline access until…”. Why not extend the period every time, you get to ping the zoo server?

It maybe more helpful to know how much time I have left in the other pc…

That’s not likely at all.
Yes, we have had several server outages that never lasted more than a few hours.
Assuming your start your Rhino (on that system), once a week, and perhaps have a quick look at Options > Licenses, you’ll not likely ever have a problem.

@hughw Does your cell phone work at the places without internet? You might be able to tether your laptop to your phone’s data plan, and get licenses from the Cloud Zoo that way. You might already be paying for a data plan - and Rhino’s data use would be incredibly tiny - smaller than downloading a picture on a web page.

This would give you access to your license without you having to think about whether you’ll have internet. And, who knows, maybe you’d find having that internet connection while out with your laptop to be useful for other purposes, too.

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Yeah, that’s how it works exactly. When JB said “10% used” he also meant “90% left”. That means that Rhino refreshes its license daily - even when there’s more than a week left. We don’t want to update it every 60 seconds, because we’d then have to have way more servers handling this near-constant traffic.

I guess that would be possible, but its all such a PIA that easier to stay with V5 and not have to do anything. On that subject, is there a way to change default save to v5 rather than 6?

No. To make a V5 file in V6, you’ll need to use SaveAs or Export and select the V5 format.
You could write a command macro it simplify it a little.

Sorry, I misread that. Seems like a sensible choice refresh basically every other day.

I was going to mention a situation I come across from time to time. With my wrong assumption about the refresh interval, this looked like more of a problem than it is for me. Still…

I have friends, I visit a few times a year for extended weekends. They all have cellphones and little need for streaming internet so there’s no landline. The area was subject to Germanys fast mobile Internet politics so the mobile network was built to the latest standards. While my contract and phone support high date connections with 3G, the local network only supports LTE. 3G is just not existent there.
So best case is, I’m stuck with Edge and a single mobile endpoint for the whole town. WhatsApp or Mail may or may not find a way to my phone. Directed requests for a connection are very likely to fail at the DNS level.

So while there are friends around, I could ask for a mobile hotspot, and all I would lose in this case is access to my current pet project in the late hours, bad or non existing internet at a remote location is a real problem.