My beams don't connect well between them

Hi, I would like to know why my beams doesnt connect between them?

Hi @Leonardo_G_Pate can you provide an example of your case?
Take into account that beams only solve their intersections at their ends, as long as they have their end points exactly in the same position.

i understand, but its not possible to have a connection section as same as walls?

Hi Leonardo,
Beams only solve their connection at ends. But a beam doesn’t connect in the half path of another. i add your vote for this request in our wishlist.

As a workaround, you can make the beam a little bit longer, and use an auxiliary solid and the vaSubtractSolids command to trim the beam and simulate a join.

oh man thats great, as another suggestion, maybe Visual Arq could get along more intrissecatly with karamba to do structural analysis

Hi Leonardo,
VisualARQ can currenly work with Karamba. Have you tried it?
You can use the Beam components to deconstruct the VisualARQ beams and generate new beams from Karamba library, or you can explode the VisualARQ beams in GH to generate an extrusion and let karamba perform the structural analysis.