My 3dconnexion device just stopped working

It worked earlier today, then Rhino downloaded a patch and now it doesn’t work anymore. It still works in a Rhino 5 Trial I have installed and Rhino 4. Even works in Adobe Acrobat Reader.

The new SR4 update requires a device driver update from 3DConnexion.
It seems that their tool for letting users know about a driver update is not as reliable as it should be.
Please download and install the updated drivers from 3dconnexion to restore functionality for their device.

Any luck?

Yes, I just did that. And it works again. Thanks.

I spent all morning trying to figure this out. I installed the latest SR and my old driver would not recognize Rhino6. This is the first version of their driver I’ve seen have an auto update feature.

All of my settings were ‘lost’ with the update. They are still there, but the new driver does not use the Rhino.XML settings for Rhino6. It created a brand new RhinoFS.xml. You can manually copy your options over, but be sure to backup (copy, paste, rename to RhinoFS.xml.old) before you start. They are stored in:


The new version also moves the _SpaceMouse config settings to the driver panel.

_SpaceMouse in Rhino5:


Driver panel in Rhino6:

The latest Rhino update killed my 3dConnexion device. I have an older Space Pilot and they don’t make or support it anymore. The last driver update was 2013. Am i left with no choice other that buying a new device?


BTW, Windows 7 OS, Rhino 6, SR4

@Markus, can you assist?

The SpacePilot end-of-life was 31-Mar-2010, end of software support was 31-Mar-2013, and the last official driver version was 3.16.3. (see After those dates the software is no longer tested against that model any more and it is certainly possible that something may break so that the SpacePilot no longer works with newer drivers.

Hi Guys,

Thanks, that’s what i expected to hear. It’s a little heartbreaking to have to throw it in the recycle bin since it works perfectly well, despite having so much use you can’t read the lettering on several the buttons anymore. However, I felt it had paid for itself after the first two months and I’ve had it for a decade now. My favourite computer component ever. Thanks again.

Hi @bjorf,

If you uninstall the 3Dconnexion driver, the device will work in Rhino, just without the driver-provided fanciness.

– Dale