Mxp3Dnews plugin

This plug-in allows you to be updated on the latest activities mixexperience, and in the forum Discourse McNeel

This utility for Rhino 5 32/64 bit Exposes one command:

mxp3DnewsCommand - open news panel

for more inforamtion visit

You guys should at least try hooking up with google logon like this forum does. I’m not filling another form and creating another password… It prevented me frmo trying your stuff over and over again…

what kind of problems did you have?

screenshot mxp3dnews

The problem is that I won’t register to a community I can’t barely read the language, let alone write.

for registration can write in English are not obliged to use the Italian

I give up.

You can also download it here

now also NG ITA e Wiki McNell