MVVM with Eto and C#

Hey there, I am searching for people I can start a discussion with, regarding the implementation of a proper MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel) pattern in Rhino using Eto Forms with C#.

I’ve already built some experience myself, but it’s quite hard to find experienced fellows, especially when it comes to this subject.

I’m especially interested in best practices for organizing viewmodels, along with saving and, especially, reinstalling their states via JSON.

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You’ll have to poke @maxsoder for that, he is doing the majority of the Eto-based UI that is being used in Rhino WIP for Mac (6-to-be)

We have a simple sample project SampleCsCustomRenderSettingsSections, which uses a View (the UI section), a viewmodel class and a model which is the datasource.

Basically the sample implements the following pattern:–view–viewmodel