Multple EarthAnchorPoints

Hi, Is it possible to place multiple earth anchor points on one model?

I don’t think so.
I having trouble understanding how more than one would be a useful thing.
What problem would that solve for you?

HI John,
To keep the level and direction perfectly in place for a 3D mesh for bigger building sites. With the 3 points there can be no mistakes for x,y and z of the model.
Disigners sometimes move the model and turn it so level and position is not correct anymore

Sorry, you can not use multiple earth anchor points to automatically scale or otherwise transform Rhino geometry. It’s just an anchor point.

The scaling, rotating, transforming your geometry might need will have to be done in Rhino itself.
The single anchor point only gives you a way to pin it into a Google Earth map.

HI John
Thanks for the answer.
It is only to keep the oriiginal leveling and rotating
I will make a small detour :wink:

Hi Erik,

Do the designers need to edit the 3D mesh you refer to?