Multiradius sphere collide issue

Hello everyone. Basically I am using the definition of collision between spheres with multiple radii to obtain a sort of circle packing on a surface. I was wondering if it was possible to avoid in this case that the spheres overlap each other. And if there are further improvements to be made to this (43.8 KB)

The simplest way is to use a multiplier for your radii and adjust it so they touch but do not overlap: (36.8 KB)
A different way if you are looking for a compact packing (without explicitly specifying the circle radii):
image (31.0 KB)


Thanks Daniel for Your reply. So the edge lenght component is unnecessary for this job?

Correct, there is no need for a Length goal here.
The Collider is what stops them from overlapping.
Iā€™m guessing you maybe started from another definition where the circles were floating freely in a plane, and the length goal was being used to pull the circles together, but here since they are packed on a surface this is not needed.

In reality, I started from the ball cluster of the old version of kangaroo and it seemed to me that the line length was going to replace the old power connect and Spring. Anyway thanks a lot very kind.