Multiplying indexes in Relative Item offset

Hello everybody,

i wanted to know if it is possible to multiply index numbers in an offset for a Relative Item component. I will be using the component to join those relative items using lines.
Basically I need the following result (i’m attaching the file and a screenshot too):

multiplying indexes in a Relative Item (14.7 KB)

the point {0}(0) will join with {1}(0), {1}(1) and {1}(2).

the point {1}(0) will join with {2}(0), {2}(1) and {2}(2).
the point {1}(1) will join with {2}(2), {2}(3) and {2}(4).
the point {1}(2) will join with {2}(4), {2}(5) and {2}(6).

this means that my offsets should look something like:

but it seems that index multiplications can´t be done.
Is there any other way to solve this?

Thanks in advance!

Post your tree.

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Thanks! I edited the post so it’s easier to understand.

I’m not sure if relative item it the right component here. What is the final goal of the tree? additional branches in the same pattern? The pattern connecting only in the adjoin mid branches, like {2;4} and {2;2}?

I thought of using Relative Item because every point (let’s call it A) in any given branch will be connected (by means of a simple line) to other 3 points in the immediately subsequent branch, and the indexes of those 3 points (group B) are related to A’s index by the following rule:

index of point B1: (2*(index of A)+0)
index of point B2: (2*(index of A)+1)
index of point B3: (2*(index of A)+2)

that is why I was thinking in these offsets:


The final goal of the tree is to get a web-like structure as the one drawn in the screenshot, where each line suffers a ramification into 3 other lines.
I hope the goal is clear. Let me know if it is not still.

Thanks in advance!


Thank you very much!

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