Multiples created without wanting any

I’ve run into this repeatedly. While modeling, I’ll create a curve to use and later when I go to select it several copies have been made. I didn’t make these. I don’t understand how this is happening. I’m wondering if there’s some local bug making things so … buggy.

Vid (381.7 KB)

I doubt its a bug. One possibility is you are using Copy and at the “point to move to” prompt you click multiple times in the same location. That will create multiple copies. With Rhino for Windows sequence with Copy is left click on object to be copied, right click for Enter to complete picking objects, left click on location to copy from, left click once on each location to copy to, right click for Enter to complete the command. If I left click rather than right click when I want to complete the command a new copy is created with each spurious left click.

Another possibility iff you used Gumball to create or manipulate the curve then something in your sequence of gumball actions may be generating the copies. I’m not a Gumball user so I can’t help with any specific suggestions.

Found this today. I’m hard pressed to imagine I’d inadvertently make this many duplicates

maybe you have a macro that has copy being used improperly in it?

do you use Copy ? is ‘in place’ selected?

fwiw, this never happens to me and I haven’t seen the behavior reported by others. I don’t think it’s a bug. I believe it’s some setting or some method that’s happening on your specific computer.

Another common feature to watch for are commands that have a “delete input” option. If you don’t change them to Yes, then the input curves will remain after using them.

Well, I don’t imagine there’s any real limit to my misuse of software and input devices. I’ve learned of the select duplicates tool and assigned it a keystroke. I do have a habit of using the right click when it’s not appropriate. That’s a habit coming over from a another program that of course makes different use of the mouse buttons. Thanks for the help. I’ll investigate.

You know, I,m wondering if there’s a way to view the history of commands - that is they were all written down in the command line history at some point. Is that data lost after a reboot?

“CommandHistory” shows the commands you used for that instance of Rhino. It does not keep an explicit record of every command used in the file since you started working on it. Once you close Rhino you lose all your history and the next time you open the file it starts with a blank CommandHistory