Multiple Viewport Tabs

This occurs on just one file. I have not created any additional views, they just appear on opening the file. Any way to get rid of them ?

Software information

Software versions
Rhinoceros version: 5.0 WIP (5A814w)
IronPython version: 5.1.2015.131
Language: en (MacOS default)
OS X version: Version 10.10.1 (Build 14B25)


Third party kernel extensions

Hardware information

Computer hardware
Hardware model: MacBookPro7,1
Processor: Intel Core2 Duo CPU P8800 @ 2.66GHz
Memory: 8 GB
Architecture: Intel 64 bit

Video hardware
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 320M 256 MB
Memory: 256 MB
Screen size: 1920 x 1080, 1280 x 800
Displays: HP 25xi (88dpi 1x), Color LCD (114dpi 1x)

USB devices
Apple, Inc: Apple Keyboard
Seagate: Backup+ BK
Hewlett-Packard: HP LaserJet Professional P1102w
Apple: Internal Memory Card Reader
Apple Inc.: Built-in iSight
Apple Inc.: Bluetooth USB Host Controller
Apple Computer, Inc.: IR Receiver
Apple Inc.: Apple Internal Keyboard / Trackpad

Bluetooth devices
Cambridge Silicon Radio: Logitech BT Mouse

OpenGL information

OpenGL software
OpenGL version: 2.1 NVIDIA-10.0.19 310.90.10.05b12
Render version: 2.1
Shading language: 1.20
Maximum texture size: 8192 x 8192
Z-buffer depth: 24 bits
Maximum viewport size: 8192 x 8192

Implementation settings
Use texture compression: Yes

Appearance settings
Antialiasing: 0x
Mip map filtering: None
Anisotropic filtering: High

Hi inukX - do you know if the file was made with Rhino for Mac, or Windows? Can you post the file or send it to



Hi Pascal, created on Mac. Emailed the file.