Multiple Video Cards

My current work and home setups use multiple video cards to take advantage of rendering software like Octane Render and Cycles. One is for compute and the other for display. Is there a way to specify which video card is being used for Raytracing in V6?

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Before switching a viewport to Raytraced mode you can use the RhinoCycles_SelectDevice command to select a specific device for rendering. You can see what devices are available with RhinoCycles_ListDevices.

Note that selecting a device does not change the device for viewports that are already in Raytraced session. You can however use that to start rendering several viewports on different cards.

I personally have in the office machine an AMD R9 270x (or 280x, I keep forgetting which), an NVidia GT 420 and an NVidia GTX 760. The AMD card is used for driving my two monitors, I use the GTX mostly for rendering, and through RhinoCycles_SelectDevice I test the remaining four devices (CPU included).

At some point there will be a new section in Rendering settings where you can select the current render device without having to know these commands. The mechanisms to allow me to write such a section through RhinoCommon are still being worked on, though.



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Beautiful- Thanks Nathan

You’re welcome. Enjoy Raytraced :slight_smile:


On a related note- It is a struggle to find a list of new commands.
Is there a list somewhere of new commands? We dont even need a description- just a raw list of whats been added in the WIP. There is an draft feature list on the Serengeti intro but seemingly not a new command lists.

The help file should have that list right here:

Thanks! Very helpful indeed