Multiple undo and multiple redo

When will the multiple-undo and multiple-redo commands be implemented in rhino for mac?

Hi - I added your request to our issues tracking system and progress for this request can be followed here: RH-51590.
Thanks for reporting!

These commands should work in the latest Release Candidate for Rhino 6 for Mac (6.20).

What about letting the undo-multi also be a drop-down next to Osnap, Object-Prop and Layer drop downs…? now it’s kind of jump in mid screen obscuring the [likely] relevant geometry . 52

With thanks

I see. This appears to be the primary problem you are trying to solve:

RH-55353 Undo/RedoMultiple: Dialog position obscures viewport

and I can understand that. However, your proposed solution - a drop-down or a pop-over control - might potentially make the problem worse because it can’t be repositioned - it’s “locked” to the window position.

It seems like, at the very least, you should be able to reposition the dialog and the new position would be “sticky” - as in, it would come up in the new location the next time. Does that sound reasonable?

Sure thanks
the thinking about the dropdown is to have it as another way to access the multi undo , After all, All these drop downs up there are just one way of several possibilities to access the same functionality allowing users to have options depending on their habits/workflow…

A thought regarding the multi functionality, that could be perhaps very nice: to add perhaps in bold or other colour fonts, the version saves that we do at strategic cross roads in the modeling process. so we can see all our SAFE Points in the timeline. so if I go back, lets say 50 steps, then before I initiate a command in there, that will erase these forward 50 steps. I can have an indication that I saved a version at [let say] the 25 step
In short that will show the user the places where they have saved versions.

thanks a lot