Multiple threads with InProcess.RhinoCore

I’ve been working on Rhino.Inside for a number of weeks.
I have not yet managed to create multiple threads with InProcess.RhinoCore ().
I also tried to start multiple threads with a separate appdomain.
I therefore wondered if anyone knows if this is possible, and if it is possible I would like to know how this should be done.

System.Threading.Tasks.Task and System.Threading.Tasks.Parallel are part of the .NET Framework and can be used in your C# application.

Thanks for your quick response. I am indeed using the System.Threading.Tasks Namespace types.
What I am wondering is whether it is possible to run / edit multiple rhino / grasshopper documents simultaneously.

for example:

Rhino.Runtime.InProcess.RhinoCore core = new Rhino.Runtime.InProcess.RhinoCore();
Rhino.Runtime.InProcess.RhinoCore core1 = new Rhino.Runtime.InProcess.RhinoCore();

Task A = Task.Run(() =>
core.InvokeInHostContext(DO SOMETHING);
Task b = Task.Run(() =>
core1.InvokeInHostContext(DO SOMETHING);