Multiple texture mapping

I wonder how to apply a multiple texture for the color data of a material, it is possible in other 3D software but I am not aware how is it implemented in Rhino.

For instance I have a simple rectangle mesh object to which want apply these two textures:
undefined - Imgur

When I apply the first one, if the texture is smaller than a mesh, we get repeated pattern of the texture

The first question how to disable the repetition and get the result with a single texture on the object, like this (this is photoshop for visualisation):

Above the first one I want to apply over the second texture to get in the result something like that:

PS: The positions of the textures are defined by base plane (texture origin) of the Planar Mapping component (human plug-in) (43.7 KB)

I don’t think this is possible in GH currently but maybe I’m not aware of a plugin that provides decal support. That is essentially what I think you need here… like you could set up manually in Rhino with the Decal section in the Properties panel. You could contact the ShapeDiver devs to see if they have a workflow for decals but I don’t see one after experimenting with their plugin for a bit.

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@BrianJ Thank you for a clue! The access to the Decal through GH would be the solution. Will dig in that direction :slightly_smiling_face:

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@BrianJ Seems so far the Decals class doesn’t have options for the Decals manipulations (to set location, resize etc), that is the reason why the ShapeDiver plug-in does’t handle with the decals…

Good to know @sadovshikov I don’t know if they contacted us about adding anything to GH but the mapping stuff you’re using is coming from Human so maybe they don’t know about using those tools too.

FYI @andy @DavidRutten any thoughts? I filed this as a placeholder

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